Guillaume Feury, Airbus Helicopters’ chief executive officer states that digital technology is being integrated into customer support and services.

Digital Data Simplifies Process Not Safety

Airbus Helicopter is investing in digital analysis to take it to the next level of customer support The Airbus Helicopter work ethic is currently epitomised by its new engineering facility. “Don’t call it a building,” said Rémi Maillard, VP chief engineer development helicopters rather proudly, as he guided a group of international journalists around the […]

3D Printing: Hype, Hysteria or Good Plane Sense?

3D Printing: Hype, Hysteria or Good Plane Sense?

Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, grabs headlines, but how relevant is it to the aftermarket, asks Charlotte Adams? A few years ago 3D-printed parts seemed on the cusp of acceptance in commercial aero engines. Load-bearing parts seemed to be the next frontier. But such aspirations have proven somewhat overoptimistic, given the lack of mature […]

PMA vs. OEM Parts: Notes from the Front

By Charlotte Adams In 2016 multiple press reports covered the ending of Boeing’s arrangement with Spirit AeroSystems, under which the former Boeing unit had produced and sold Boeing-intellectual property (IP) parts directly to the airlines. Boeing is hungry for aftermarket revenue, as signaled by its choice of the former head of GE Aviation Services Kevin […]

MRO Titans: Taking on New Trends

AVM’s annual look at world renown MROs who are driving the industry forward. By Charlotte Adams MRO industry growth will continue over the next decade but will be driven by Asia Pacific and will be marked by greater original equipment manufacturer (OEM) participation. Other trends are the continuing low price of fuel and the entry […]

Big Engines; Big Data

When the public think about commercial aviation development, they envisage cleaner lines, better features to enhance their travelling experience and generally accept that their engine development may help them get to their destination more efficiently and perhaps at less cost (although today this is linked to the lower price of oil). What is not well […]

Composites Care in Business Aviation

Composite materials are attractive to manufacturers and operators because of their light weight, corrosion resistance, and durability, compared with aluminium. Carbon composites boast high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios. And composites can be moulded into complex aerodynamic shapes. Their lighter weight, resilience, and durability mean fuel savings for operators and may translate to longer maintenance intervals […]

Biz Jet Interiorst

While not all of that will be in upgrading the cabins of B&GA aircraft, it does indicate that business is getting better. “It seems like there is a marked increase now compared to the last 18-months or so,” stated Gordon Ross, director of Interior Services, Pentastar Aviation. “A lot of people are getting into ownership […]

AVM Tool’s Evolve With Every Twist and Turn

VM professionals are faced with a huge range of different tools to service, repair, over haul and maintain many a wide assortment of aircraft to ensure their structural soundness. The size and type of an AVM tool will differ from one aircraft to another because of differences in aircraft size. Engine and hydraulic AVM mechanics […]

MRO Safety: Look out Below

As “safe” as today’s workplaces seem, simple slip and fall accidents still account for way too many injuries and deaths every year. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics an average of 3.3 out of every 100,000 workers will die from a slip and fall accident. And that’s not counting how may […]