Zulu Pods, Inc. Announces Letter of Intent fromAcutronic Turbines, Inc. for Flight Testing of its Lubrication Technology

Zulu Pods, Inc. (ZPI) announced a Letter of Intent from Acutronic Turbines, Inc. for the purposes of integrating ZPI’s packaged oil delivery solution into its limited-life turbo jet engine to afford system level benefits in the form of part count reduction. In this capacity, Acutronic Turbines intends to acquire and integrate the Zulu Pod system to conduct engine testing in 2024 for the purposes of validating and quantifying engine optimizations that would otherwise be absent when utilizing a traditional oil delivery system.

The Zulu Pod is the world’s first decentralized lubrication system that combines the function of a reservoir, pump, and nozzle into a single, self-contained, self-pressurized, and hermetically sealed packaged oil delivery system. The Zulu Pod is lighter, placed right in the working zone of the engine bearing or gear compartment, and meters the minimum amount of lubrication required for optimal performance. Zulu Pods can be used for primary lubrication for limited life engines or backup lubrication during a loss of lubrication event.

Zulu Pods, Inc shares common goals with Acutronic, demonstrated by its commitment to bringing affordable hardware innovations to the limited-life engine industry. ZPI’s patented packaged oil delivery system is a new, novel solution that radically simplifies short-duration engine architecture to reduce weight, cost, and complexity while improving storage life.