AERO CARE Announces New Miami HQ as it Joins Forces With Alchemy Aero Corporation

AERO CARE Announces New Miami HQ as it Joins Forces With Alchemy Aero Corporation

AERO CARE has opened new headquarters in Miami, Fla. AERO CARE says the new facility is strategically positioned to support its rapidly expanding global customer base and it will house the organization’s stock of engine parts for CFM56 and V2500.

Focused on enabling operators to fly their engines for as long and as economically as possible, AERO CARE concentrates on mid- to late-life engines, providing solutions that cover green-time leasing, parts supply, and asset management.

“Miami is the commercial aviation engine hub of the Americas, so it is logical for AERO CARE to be based here, however we will be supported by our European office in Bucharest, Romania, to ensure our global reach and 24/7/365 service is faultless,” said Anca Mihalache, managing director, who has spearheaded this strategic move to the U.S.

“As a portfolio company of Alchemy Aero Corporation, the specialist aviation investment and trading platform, we have the secure financial support we need to acquire the engine assets our customers need. We have an ambitious growth target and look forward to cementing our position as a respected mature aircraft assets solutions provider.”

AERO CARE aims to stock inventory to help minimize fleet downtime and promote profitable operations, however Mihalache goes on to say that AERO CARE is more than just an engine trading and parts business. “We are passionate about aviation and ultimately what an aircraft represents – taking someone to their next adventure, or to a meeting that will build their business, or to visit family and friends. Our role is to make sure that these journeys can happen – that crucial business deals get signed, or that the open arms don’t go unhugged.”

Mihalache adds that AERO CARE’s business objective is to be an integral part of the team. “We don’t see ourselves as separate from our customers, when they work with us, it is no different to dealing with any other internal department. Our desire is to develop truly symbiotic relationships – so picking up the phone and calling us simply becomes the natural thing to do.”