Aerospace Approved Explosion-Proof Borescopes being Offered by ITS

ITS Videoscopes West Coast – iTConcepts has brought a Borescope – Videoscope Explosion Proof Camera to Aircraft Maintenance – Turbine Inspection Applications.

The Scope has a cold tip LED with spark-proof scope tip, four-way articulation – can almost see a target behind itself, 5″ high resolution display, with live video and photo capture capability all in a provided industrial type SD card.

The new Scope’s minimum diameter is 3mm, and largest diameter is 8mm. Working lengths, shortest is 1.5 Meters the longest being now 10 Meters.

ITS says the scope tip can be submerged into gasoline, diesel fuel and or oil.

The company says their cable is flexible, and it will bend without breaking the fiber connections. The cable material is made from tungsten braided material for heavy daily usage.

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