Airbus Qualifies AkzoNobel Base Coat/Clear Coat System

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings has received quiclificaiton from Airbus for their Aerobase base coat/clear coat system. The Aerobasebase coat and Aviox clear coat UVR system has been qualified successfully at Airbus, according to specification AIMS 04.04.033 and AIMS 04.04.037. In addition to the standard AIMS 04.04.033 base coat/clear coat system specification, AIMS 04.04.037 includes a selectively removable system (SRS). SRS incorporates an extra sealer coat between primer and base coat, allowing the selective removal of only the base coat/clear coat system in preparation for repainting. This avoids the need to reapply the primer and resulting in time and cost savings during maintenance of the aircraft, according to AkzoNobel.

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