APEM’s QRM-NV Indicators Certified to MIL-STD-3009

APEM120x150APEM, Inc.’s NVG-compatible LED indicators, which are compliant with MIL-STD-3009, are rated for NVIS indication in military cockpits and external lighting. Offered alongside APEM’s NVIS Red and NVIS White, APEM’s NVIS Green and NVIS Yellow options are certified to Class A or Class B – Class B being the standard for FAA-certified aircraft NVIS modifications.

Manufactured with black chrome finish, high temperature NVG filters, and IP67/epoxy sealing, QRM-NV indicators perform at high levels over a long life in rugged and harsh environments. Although originally designed for military use, the company says APEM’s QRM-NV indicators are also ideal for any application where night vision goggles are involved.

APEM’s portfolio of LED indicators, including its Q-Series Panel Mount LED Indicators, QS-Series Snap-In LED Indicators, QRM Rear-Mount LED Indicators, and QRM-NV Night-Vision compatible LED Indicators, offers a wide variety of indication options to fit any application says APEM.

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