Asia Digital Engineering Celebrates Landmark Achievement of 100 C-Checks in Less Than 2.5 Years

Asia Digital Engineering Celebrates Landmark Achievement of 100 C-Checks in Less Than 2.5 Years

Asia Digital Engineering (ADE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capital A Berhad for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), marks a momentous achievement in conjunction with International Civil Aviation Day by successfully completing its 100th C-check under 2.5 years, a record time frame since inception in September 2020.

Recognized as heavy checks involving maintenance procedures for critical aircraft components and systems, a C-Check is a comprehensive maintenance inspection that ensures the airworthiness and safety of an aircraft and demands extensive tooling, test equipment, and special skill levels. This achievement underscores ADE’s unwavering commitment to upholding top-notch safety and operational standards in aviation maintenance and consequently positioning ADE as a leading MRO player in the region.

CEO of Asia Digital Engineering, Mahesh Kumar, said, “I want to thank all of my engineers, technicians and the rest of the team at ADE for this milestone achieved in a short period of time. Our team has demonstrated exceptional skill, professionalism and resilience in accomplishing this remarkable feat. I am proud of their steadfast dedication, relentless efforts, and unyielding commitment to the pursuit of excellence in aircraft maintenance, and truly believe we are on the path to cementing our position as the leading MRO service provider in Asean, delivering the best value at lowest cost with high efficiency across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.”

ADE’s dedication to maintaining the utmost quality and safety standards in aircraft MRO is emphasized by a string of milestones. Among these achievements stands the recent attainment of the EASA Part 145 approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) complementing an extensive array of existing maintenance certifications and authorizations.

ADE has earned customer trust through enduring relationships, glowing testimonials, and partnerships with airlines across the region. Looking ahead, ADE is focused on its vision to continually deliver exceptional services, expand capabilities, and remain at the forefront of MRO industry.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A, said, “Huge congratulations to Mahesh and team for this incredible achievement. ADE has emerged as the jewel in the crown for Capital A, reflected in the recent third quarter results, which indicated a significant 107% on-year profitable growth to RM165 million of revenue. We believe ADE can become one of the world’s best MRO service providers given its vast experience and knowledge from working with AirAsia and now also with third-party airlines. It has the potential to grow further as it expands its offerings by bringing digital solutions and data science into MRO, offering predictive maintenance and spare parts management.”

As part of its expansion strategy, ADE is strategically increasing its facilities footprint. A new hangar at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), set to be operational by the third quarter of 2024, will significantly bolster base maintenance capacity, accommodating up to 14 narrowbodies simultaneously. Additionally, expansion plans include advancing line maintenance operations in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Cambodia in 2024.