ATP and FuelerLinx Join Forces to Enhance Fuel Management and Planning Workflow

ATP recently announced the integration of Flightdocs Operations with FuelerLinx, the premier software solution used by business aviation operators for shopping and ordering fuel, planning fuel consumption and minimizing fuel costs.  

With the recent partnership, the two companies say operators will no longer have to build duplicate trip itineraries in FuelerLinx or manually communicate fuel order details to crew members, saving an estimated 10 to 15 minutes of time per trip.  

“FuelerLinx does an outstanding job solving the problem of connecting fuel buyers to suppliers and we are very excited about our partnership, which helps our mutual customers get even more value from our solutions,” said Kent Pickard, vice president of product at ATP. 

Among other benefits, operators will also have the capability of automatically syncing their aircraft schedules to their FuelerLinx account where fuel planning and ordering can be performed. Once fuel orders are created in FuelerLinx, the fuel order details are effortlessly displayed on the trip and trip sheets within Flightdocs Operations, allowing crew and schedulers to easily access all fuel order details by leg. 

“The more we can provide the operator with a straightforward experience while still allowing them to utilize best-in-class applications like FuelerLinx, the closer we will be to creating the ideal technology ecosystem for a flight department,” said Mike Profit, chief operating officer at ATP. 

“We are thrilled to announce the integration of FuelerLinx and ATP Flightdocs Operations, two industry leading products in aviation technology,” said Kevin Moller, chief executive officer of FuelerLinx. “This integration will provide customers with a seamless experience, enabling them to easily manage fuel and scheduling operations from a single platform. Our joint solution will improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately deliver greater value to our customers.” 

Earlier this year, ATP announced a new suite of features for Flightdocs Operations, including enhanced communication features that streamline data flow and keep flight scheduling and trip planning moving effortlessly.