Avotek-Online Releases Radio Communication Systems Endorsement Course

The FAA now recognizes the Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) certificate plus one NCATT avionics endorsement as a set of knowledge considered equivalent to completing formal training as required by the regulations (14 CFR section 65.101).

Federal aviation regulations require applicants for the Repairman’s Certificate to have either 18 months of practical experience applicable to the maintenance of the specific job or to have completed formal training that is designed to qualify the applicant for the job.

Avotek-Online’s Radio Communication Systems Endorsement lessons will help students or technicians prepare for the AET endorsement exam. This course is a companion to Avotek’s popular Avionics: Beyond the AET textbook and is delivered in four parts, corresponding to the first four chapters of the textbook.

Whether you are a technical student, fresh out of the military, a new hire, or the training manager at a repair station, Avotek-Online’s Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics course and the new Endorsement study guides are valuable resources in shortening the time it takes to get your Repairman Certificate.

The course is available in the “AET Endorsements” section of Avotek-Online. Pricing is available for individual one-year subscriptions or enterprise lifetime access.