BendixKing Offering Subscription Plans for Avionics Equipment

BendixKing is offering a new Avionics-as-a-Service plan that allows aircraft operators and owners to upgrade their avionics via a monthly subscription instead of an outright purchase. The company says it will be an industry-first in the integrated avionics segment, and will be available soon for many BendixKing products including AeroVue, AeroVue Touch, xVue Touch, KSN 770 navigator, AeroWave satellite communications system and the MST 70B transponder with ADS-B Out.

Twin Jet, a regional commuter airline based in France, is planning to use the new service to install the BendixKing AeroVue integrated flight deck across its charter fleet. “With BendixKing’s introduction of this new service, we will be able to upgrade the avionics of our entire fleet without the upfront expenses to purchase equipment and pay for installation,” said Guillaume Collinot, chief executive officer, Twin Jet. “We will be able to pay as we fly, which matches our operational costs to our revenues, enabling us to better manage our overall cash flow.”

Similar to a cellular plan that includes a new mobile phone, the subscription will include virtually everything: avionics equipment, installation at an authorized BendixKing dealer, equipment repairs, software updates, databases and navigation charts, as well as technical support. Instead of paying a flyaway cost of $20,000 or more to purchase and install a single flight display, Avionics-as-a-Service would allow the owner to pay a monthly fee of about $400 per month.

“Cost has always been a barrier to upgrading avionics; it can cost thousands of dollars considering the purchase of equipment, price of installation, and other significant expenses such as maintenance and repairs,” said Gregg Cohen, president, BendixKing. “With the introduction of our Avionics-as-a-Service option, BendixKing is working to make the latest technologies affordable for all aircraft owners.”

As the first anticipated customer of Avionics-as-a-Service, Twin Jet would install AeroVue across its entire fleet of Beech 1900D aircraft, affordably meeting the requirements of the 2020 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast mandate and removing obsolescent avionics that are increasingly expensive to maintain. Beyond mandate compliance, Avionics-as-a-Service will bring new technology like Honeywell’s SmartView Synthetic Vision System to Twin Jet’s regional pilots, increasing safety for crew and passengers.

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