BermudAir Chooses Cobalt Spectrum LED Lighting

BermudAir Chooses Cobalt Spectrum LED Lighting

BermudAir says it is dedicated to providing an elevated travel experience for its passengers, with a strong focus on convenience, comfort and exceptional service. With that in mind, the company has chosen Cobalt Spectrum LED drop-in mood lighting for their Embraer 175 fleet.

Cobalt Spectrum mood lighting is an innovative system, designed to meet the needs of commercial airlines. Deployed and flying with multiple carriers worldwide, Cobalt Spectrum delivers multiple features and provides high reliability, the company says.

“We are delighted BermudAir have selected our class-leading LED mood lighting system, to assist in providing a superior travel experience for their passengers. They will be using our Cobalt Spectrum lighting to illuminate the interior of each aircraft with the BermudAir brand colors, plus additional light settings for boarding, meal services, sleeping, waking, and more. It is this ability to distinguish between different stages of flight which assists passengers with a heightened feeling of wellbeing throughout their journey,” a company announcement said.

Cobalt Spectrum is a ‘plug and play’ system and a direct replacement for fluorescent tubes. Lightweight and long-lasting, it offers operators weight and fuel savings while requiring no changes to the aircraft wiring, the company stresses.

“The installation took four technicians one full 12-hour shift,” said Adam Scott, founder and CEO of BermudAir. “We were very happy with the quality and support the Cobalt team provided to BermudAir.”

The collaboration with BermudAir was approved under Cobalt Aerospace’s own Design Organization Approval (DOA).