Bluetail’s Modern Aircraft Records Platform Adopted by Wing-Aviation

Bluetail has announced that Houston-based Wing Aviation, Part 135 on-demand charter and aircraft management company, has selected Bluetail’s leading modern aircraft records platform and to digitize all of the maintenance and operational logs for its current fleet of over 30 business aircraft.

“The on-demand segment has grown to unprecedented levels over the past 24 months, with no sign of any significant slowdown,” stated Bluetail COO and co-founder Stuart Illian. “We are extremely proud that Wing Aviation, one of the companies at the forefront of this growth, has put their faith and trust in what Bluetail can do to make their operations even more efficient.”

“We selected Bluetail for their in-depth understanding of business aviation,” Frank Zimerman of Wing Aviation said. “The most significant value of an aircraft is in its maintenance records and history – adopting the Bluetail platform will help us maintain the value of the prime assets we manage while running one the safest and the smoothest operation in North America. Bluetail’s capabilities are written around FAA Advisory Circular AC120.78A for electronic record keeping. Our maintenance teams can use the MACH Search functionality to search for granular data across specific FAA forms. You can’t do that with anything else.”

As Wing Aviation continues to add managed aircraft to its Part 135 fleet, it will rely on Bluetail’s new MACH Conformity Module to make completing its FAA conformity processes faster and more efficient.

“We were invited to participate in the design and evaluation of Bluetail’s MACH Conformity module and took that opportunity very seriously,” Frank Zimerman said. “FAA conformity is a known bottleneck to the process. We’ve seen how the conformity software streamlines the entire process. Now any new aircraft can be added to our Part 135 certificate more easily and enter revenue services faster.”