Bluetooth 4 makes Iridium Inflight Connectivity Smart

BizjetMobile announced today the release of CHIIMP4, the world’s first Bluetooth 4 (BT4) also known as Bluetooth Smart, inflight connectivity App designed for the Iridium market.

BT4 can accommodate unlimited users, connects faster and improves efficiency of file management, which has a dramatic effect on the Iridium business jet platform.

What makes CHiiMP4 even better, the company says, is that, the 1st Gen CHiiMP was based on BT2/3 and required an expensive on-board router to manage the Iridium link. CHiiMP with BT4 eliminates the need for a router and in its place, is an iPod touch. To connect to the Iridium Satellite link all you need is a cable that plugs straight into the Iridium data port.

“For the first time in the history of inflight connectivity, business jet operators will be able to purchase inflight connectivity, the same way Telephone companies sell mobile phone plans on the ground,” Ron Chapman, president of BizjetMobile says. “All an operator has to do is sign up for an existing low cost monthly-unlimited data plan and they receive the iPod & Cable for free.”

Passengers connect via the CHiiMP4 App and once connected, can access unlimited inflight SMS, Email and GetMail in box checking, all for a low fixed monthly rate. CHiiMP4 is currently available for IOS devices, Android will follow early next year. BT4 is now standard in Apple, Android, Blackberry or Windows devices.

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