Boeing, EPCOR Sign Parts Agreement

Boeing, EPCOR Sign Parts Agreement

Boeing and EPCOR are extending their long-term relationship by signing a three-year parts agreement recently.

Boeing Distribution Services has been working with EPCOR since 2008, after signing a long-term license agreement on Honeywell Proprietary Parts (HPP). Boeing then used its parts and services optimization model to determine other supply chain solutions it could offer, including fasteners, standard hardware and a majority of EPCOR’s chemical requirements.

The recently signed agreement means Boeing will continue delivering HPP, standard hardware and chemicals to EPCOR.

EPCOR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance, part of the Air France-KLM Group, holding EASA, CAAC, CAAV and FAR 145 certifications. Within the AFI KLM E&M Group, EPCOR provides MRO support for the APUs and pneumatic systems of a wide range of commercial aircraft. EPCOR is a licensed and OEM warranty approved Honeywell and Pratt & Whitney Canada (former HSPS) Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) repair center. Besides the APU capability EPCOR also maintains and overhauls air cycle machines on several fleet, environmental control systems, starters, leading-edge flap drive units and many other pneumatic and nitrogen components installed on large commercial aircraft.

Boeing Parts & Distribution Services says they provide a simplified supply chain with platform-agnostic, integrated solutions; a comprehensive portfolio of parts, chemical, services and managed programs; and a global network with localized support.