Boeing, EPCOR Sign Parts Agreement

Boeing Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Ontic

Boeing announced a distributor agreement with Ontic to support the Staverton product line. The agreement identifies Boeing Distribution (formerly Aviall) as the exclusive distributor of approximately 600 actuation and control products on a range of civil and military aircraft platforms.

“We are excited to reach an agreement with Ontic to once again offer these products to our customers,” said Travis Sullivan, vice president and general manager, distribution services. “We are in a unique position to lead in this dynamic market by leveraging Boeing’s global network and platform-agnostic aftermarket capability to support various markets and platforms, along with our previous experience supporting the Staverton product line.”

Boeing’s distribution portfolio for Ontic also includes fuel controls, memory wheel device, interior electronic and wipers product lines, and business and general aviation (BA/GA) displays. The new, three-year agreement expands Boeing’s relationship with Ontic.

“Every day, our customers across the world depend on Ontic parts to execute their operations effectively. By expanding our long-term agreement with Boeing, we are ensuring that our valued customers continue to have access to the parts they need, when they need them,” said Matthew Pritchard, director of customer engagement, Ontic.

Pritchard continued, “At Ontic, we recognize the importance of quality, part availability and reduced lead times. We are confident that our partnership with Boeing will help us improve the customer experience, while we continue to focus on investing in ongoing sustainment and the seamless integration of our recent Triumph acquisition in Staverton, where these product lines are expertly managed.”