Boeing to Provide Digital Solutions and Interior Mods to TAAG Angola Airlines

TAAG Angola Airlines signed agreements with Boeing for a variety of digital solutions to enhance maintenance operations for their current fleet, including:

  • Boeing Airplane Health Management
  • Fleet Link
  • Boeing Maintenance Performance Toolbox

Boeing will also retrofit the interiors for TAAG’s upcoming deliveries for recently ordered 787-9 abd 787-10 airplanes.

“TAAG has an ongoing fleet modernization plan combined with new market entry strategies,” said Nelson de Oliveira, TAAG CEO. “Thus, incorporating efficient, sophisticated, and customized aircraft is a competitive advantage regarding the sustainability of our operation. The partnership we have with Boeing is indeed a key synergy within TAAG´s transformation journey.”

“Boeing is committed to supporting TAAG Angola Airlines as they focus on plans for fleet growth and expanding intercontinental routes,” said David McKenna, Regional Managing Director of Sales for Middle East and Africa, Boeing Global Services. “Our teams look forward to working together with TAAG for successful implementation of these services.”