Bombardier and GlobalParts.Aero Team to Enhance Parts Support for Learjet 20/30/50

Bombardier Business Aircraft and have entered into a strategic collaboration for all inventory of the Learjet 20, Learjet 30, and Learjet 50 series aircraft., a Kansas-based aviation parts supplier, will take over the primary responsibility for all planning, stocking and distribution of aircraft parts of these Learjet series aircraft.
“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with in this venture. This agreement will ensure that many more parts will be available at a competitive price and we expect it will have a positive impact on our operators’ cost of ownership,” said Bill Molloy, vice president of Parts Services, Bombardier Business Aircraft.
“We are prepared to enhance support for Learjet 20, Learjet 30, and Learjet 50 series aircraft customers right away,” said Malissa Nesmith,’s senior vice president and COO. “We have expanded our inventory of Learjet parts in recent months and have the capability and expertise to repair parts as well. We are working with Bombardier to ensure a seamless transition for this important customer segment.”
Approximately 2,000 Learjet 20, Learjet 30, and Learjet 50 series aircraft were produced from the 1960s into the early 2000s, with the majority still in service.
“Given our diverse operator base, we were particularly committed to finding the right company with which to collaborate. With’s proven track record of exceptional parts support, we are confident this strategic collaboration will enhance our customers’ experience,” said Molloy.

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