MRO Crucial In German CH-53 Replacement Contest

When it comes to military MRO, the business can be worth nearly as much than the original acquisition contract even more if the aircraft platform stays in service for a long time (all the mainteance hours over the life of the platform together with financial injections for capability upgrades. Often the platform can have its […]

Leadership Survey 2017

Welcome to the State of the Industry issue. The reason behind presenting this annual compilation of thoughts and statements from some of the more recogniseable MRO leaders and their organisations is to bring together this breadth of experience into one readable issue for you, our readers. Recently we have heard many comments that the media […]

Gulf Airline Growth Not Matched by Recruiting Policies

Attending the MRO Middle East conference and exhibition in Dubai was, to a certain extent, going back to a previous life for me. Back in the 1990s I spent several years working in the rapidly growing Emirate working for the Dubai World Trade Centre, an independent British bank, and then for my own public relations […]

Submitting Press Releases to AVM

As part of the new Aviation Maintenance website, companies are now able to submit press releases directly to me for consideration regarding publication. It is important to note that these releases must be announcing genuine news about new MRO services, products and industry developments. Product profiles and marketing of existing products and services will not […]

AVM Launches Dynamic New Website

Delivering up-to-date news, informed opinion and comment, as well as market sector analysis has been the goal of this publication since 1983. The magazine has been a leader in its field and we intend not only to match our previous performance, but to continually find ways of serving you better. Business professionals today access their […]

If you’ve got it; flaunt it

A side from delighting motorists who have had a respite from escalating fuel costs over previous years, the current low in the price of oil has surprisingly resulted in many airlines getting back into profit. “Airlines are making money through the low price of fuel. Airline employees getting pay rises for the first time in […]

Opportunity Knocks

The international MRO market has strong and sustainable growth ahead of it. Boeing has revealed that the Chinese market will need 6,810 new aircraft over the next 20 years, over 5,000 of which will be single-aisle aircraft. All those aircraft need maintenance and engineering expertise, not all of which can be provided to the level […]

New Adventures

Since 2004 I have been working at Aviation Maintenance – first as managing editor and then, starting in 2006, as editor-in-chief. I met a former editor-in-chief of this publication, Matt Thurber at the 100th Anniversary of Flight celebrating the monumental accomplishments of the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. He was without a managing […]

Crystal Ballin’

Record low oil prices. Record high airline profits. Slow growth in the U. S. and slower than predicted in China. Workforce retirements. Big data. More electric aircraft. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). New technologies. All of those factors and many more impact the MRO marketplace. Every year at this time, industry forecasts are released by the […]

The Wright Brothers

I read a lot and most books, while I enjoy them, don’t capture my imagination or inspire awe about the subject. Every once in a while I read a book that just blows me away. I recently read such a book. It was “The Wright Brothers” by David McCullough. I was riveted from the first […]