CJ Aerospace of Australia Becomes Distributor for Airforms, Inc.

Lee Budde, president of Airforms, Inc., has announced the appointment of CJ Aerospace, in Sydney, Australia, as a new distributor for Airforms’ wide range of STCs and PMA replacement parts for General Aviation Aircraft.

CJ Aerospace supplies General Aviation parts for a wide range of aircraft including turbine, piston and rotorcraft. They are specialists in the Beechcraft King Air, DHC-6 Twin Otter, Cessna Caravan, and B1900 Airliners. The company stocks components from over 50 OEM, PMA and Rotable brands. With offices in Sydney and Cairns, Australia, CJ Aerospace has continued their rapid expansion over the past several years through sales and distributor growth, supplying quality brands like Airforms.

Airforms, Inc, with over 1000 PMAs for General Aviation aircraft, will substantially boost the availability of parts and modifications at CJ Aerospace. “We see it as a perfect fit,” said Budde. “They already do a lot of work with Cessna Caravans, which we produce a line of STCs and improved parts for”. In stock components reduce AOG downtime and parts improvements result in significant reductions in operating costs.”

Craig Jones, a commercial pilot and licensed aircraft engineer, leads the growing team at CJ Aerospace to maintain the highest level of technical expertise, best practice customer service and customer support, plus stocking a wide range of parts for fast delivery. They are currently working with over 30 distributor partners and have grown into one of the leading parts suppliers in Australia-Pacific region.

“Our industry expertise and sales support are second to none,” said Jones, “and we see our distributor agreement with Airforms will only enhance our strong position in Australia, where aviation is vital to daily and long term personal and business relationships. We know all our cargo, passenger transportation and agricultural customer will be benefit from fitting Airforms quality components to their aircraft.”

FAA Announces Application Period for LAANC

The FAA announced the application period for entities to become FAA Approved UAS Service Suppliers of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC). The application period opens on May 3, 2021.

LAANC is a collaboration between the FAA and the drone industry that directly supports the safe integration of drones into the nation’s airspace. Launched in 2017, the capability covers 80 percent of controlled National Airspace at 400 feet or below and expedites the time it takes for drone pilots to receive near real-time authorizations to fly in this space. All drone pilots operating in LAANC-enabled areas under the FAA’s small drone rule or under the exception for limited recreational operations can access the capability through FAA Approved LAANC Service Suppliers.

LAANC provides drone pilots with industry developed applications to obtain near real-time airspace authorizations for operations in a controlled airspace below 400 feet. LAANC does not provide entities with the authority to regulate the airspace or grant access without FAA approval.

The Schedule is:

  • Application Period: May 3 – June 4, 2021
  • FAA Submission Review: June 7 – July 9, 2021
  • Technical Interviews: June 12 – August 13, 2021
  • Formal Onboarding: August 16 – October 15, 2021

The FAA is announcing the application date more than two months in advance to help applicants prepare, as they must have a mature product at time of application. Information on requirements and the onboarding process can be found on FAA.gov.


AMADA WELD TECH Announces CD-A1000A Capacitive Discharge Welder

AMADA WELD TECH, INC., maker of welding, marking, cutting, sealing, and bonding technology, announces the release of the CD-A1000A, a 1000 watt-second advanced capacitive discharge welder. The company says it is ideal for battery tab welding, honeycomb tacking and welding of conductive terminals. This next generation CD welder is the latest in a long line of CD welders manufactured by AMADA WELD TECH.

The unit is automation-ready and features dual pulse output with control and monitoring of both pulses. The dual pulse function helps overcome surface inconsistencies –such as dirt and oil contamination – during the first pulse and makes consistent welds with the second. A built-in process monitor measures peak current for both pulses; this value is displayed after each weld. Upper and lower limits can be set for both pulses to ensure weld consistency. An option to inhibit Pulse 2 if Pulse 1 is out of limits prevents weld blow out. The process monitor helps operators assess performance with a color coded bar graph that gives operators an instant weld history of in limit/out of limit percentages.

CD-A1000A offers up to four selectable pulse widths, increasing the range of welding applications and improving process optimization. Efficient power electronics provide high repetition rates. Up to 63 schedules can be stored locally when a variety of welding processes are planned at the same station.

“The CD-A1000A is the latest generation of advanced CD welders at AMADA WELD TECH.” says Mark Boyle, product manager. “Our previous generation units have been workhorses in the battery and aerospace industries. We are excited about this new product that will carry on that tradition and transition those products into modern manufacturing.”

Exact Metrology Offers Raytech Measuring Tables

Exact Metrology, a 3D metrology service provider and hardware sales company, is selling Raytech Measuring Systems. These are shop-floor dimensional measuring machines like the single axis and the three axis table for industrial manufacturers. The company offers machines for measuring parts for cutting, bending, punching, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, drilling and tapping. Custom machines are also available.

The single axis table is ideal for checking flat sheets with straight edges and square corners.  It features reduced setup time for production machines, reduced scrap rates and reduced backlog of parts for inspection. In addition, it integrates with SPC software for quality tracking and reporting, reduces operator-to-operator variation, offers long-term durability and simple operation.  Squareness gage allows users to check sheets for perpendicularity of the edges or check edge camber, while diagonal blocks allow the user to check corner to corner squareness on sheets. All single axis tables come standard with interchangeable probe tips. Heidenhain readouts and scales used on the single axis tables are designed for use on machine tools and are well suited for use on shop floor gage. The edge lift gage allows users to edge waves in sheets.

When parts are more intricate or bulkier than flat sheets, then the three axis table is recommended. It is suitable for checking laser and waterjet cut parts, sheet metal parts with many features and parts that are bent and formed. The three axis table includes flexible metrology software, sealed Heidenhain encoders, low-maintenance linear bearings and a versatile Renishaw touch probe. Furthermore, it has the ability to integrate with SPC software for quality tracking and reporting and reduces operator error. As with the single axis table, it offers long-term durability and simple operation.  Features include a Renishaw indexing probe for flexible probing and reduced operator-to-operator inconsistency. It also includes a standard readout system with a simple yet durable color touch screen, serial output for SPC, multiple points of error correction and multiple point feature measurements. The PC-based system allows for the full capability plus additional reporting capabilities, as well as greater program storage capacity.

P&M Announces Field Service Expansion with Acquisition of Turbine Controls & Excitation Group

AP&M Holdings (AP&M) announced they have acquired Turbine Controls & Excitation Group (TC&E). TC&E is a global, full-service Power Generation Controls and Excitation company specializing in Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, and Generator Control systems.  TC&E will merge with AP&M’s aeroderivative service team to form the AP4 Energy Services division led by TC&E’s John Downing.

Now with one call to AP4 Energy Services, a customer can coordinate the full range of field services, acquire parts & component repairs of their aeroderivative and heavy-duty gas turbine generator and steam turbine power plants.  This very experienced service team expands the company’s technical service offering and field service solutions.  Both AP&M and TC&E customers will experience enhanced access to technical services, product upgrades, spare parts, and component repairs.

“It’s exciting to expand our support to the power generation and oil & gas industries through integration of Parts, Component Repair and Field Services.  Building on our recent aeroderivative field services expansion, the TC&E acquisition was a natural fit for our company and enhances the strengths of both organizations” said Greg Young, Chief Executive Officer, AP&M.

John Downing, TC&E CEO, agrees that the marriage of these two businesses is perfect.  “TC&E had been looking at options to grow further into Aeroderivative services, so what could be better than combining a great parts company with a great services company?”  He further added, “both companies have built trusted reputations of providing reliability, efficiency, affordability, through longevity. By joining forces, we’ve developed a unique integrated solution to support Aeroderivative & Heavy-duty Frame Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Generators, Exciters, LCI’s, BOP and ancillary systems. “

The Loar Group Acquires Safe Flight Instrument Corp.

Loar Group, Inc. (Loar) has recently added Safe Flight Instrument Corporation (Safe Flight) to its family of companies.

Headquartered in White Plains, New York (USA), Safe Flight is a leading designer and manufacturer of proprietary aerospace electronic products and systems with its products installed on nearly two-thirds of the world’s aircraft, the company says. In addition, all Safe Flight’s products are proprietary whereby they own all key intellectual property rights. Their products include flight instrumentation, guidance and controls and they are the world’s premier manufacturer of aircraft lift instrumentation. Safe Flight’s customers include leading aircraft OEMs across all market segments with approximately seventy-five percent of Safe Flight’s products sold to the general or business aviation end markets, with the balance primarily sold to the commercial aerospace end market.

“The acquisition of Safe Flight adds a strong management team, along with expanded engineering, design, manufacturing, repair and overhaul talent to Loar allowing us to address additional unique and niche manufacturing and technological challenges faced by our customers” stated Dirkson Charles, CEO of Loar Group. “By adding Safe Flight to Loar’s suite of product offerings we have added product lines that include stall warning and protection, automatic throttle systems, fuselage airflow angle sensors, control shakers and icing condition detectors just to name a few of the specialized capabilities we have added to our family of companies. With over eighty-five percent of Loar’s sales coming from innovative and proprietary products we are uniquely positioned to solve problems for our customers,” continued Charles. Loar Group’s acquisition of Safe Flight creates a partnership that allows Safe Flight to continue serving its existing customers while providing additional growth capital and human resources to meet expanded future customer needs.

JAMCO Corporation Announces New Venture Pristine Seat with Cutting-Edge, Clean Design

JAMCO Corporation announced the launch of their newest product, Venture Pristine, a seating solution for aircraft interiors. Venture Pristine is Jamco’s latest option for its Venture business class seat for commercial aircraft, which incorporates the latest antimicrobial and antiviral material finish solutions. Every aspect of the Venture Pristine trim and finish option helps to maximize cleanliness during flight while also allowing sanitizing the seat after use both easier and more effective.

As a new era of enhanced cleanliness in the commercial aviation industry begins to take shape in the wake of COVID-19, JAMCO has recognized that every aspect of aircraft cabin design must be sanitary in order to ensure safety and peace-of-mind among passengers and crew. The Venture Pristine solution, unlike any other seat in its class, is an option to specifically further enhance the Venture seat, which is already designed with cleanliness and ease of sanitization in mind.

The Venture seat embodies a seamless design approach. A full radius, seamless integrated trim and a seamless capacitive interface for the seat controls create fewer split lines and gaps. By minimizing split lines and eliminating hard-to-clean gaps and crevices from the back shell, seat controls, and more, the Venture seat is cleaner from the start, and remains easy to clean throughout its lifetime. In addition, Venture includes efficiencies from augmented reality training that supports remote contactless training eliminating the need for face to face interaction, to a lightweight design with fewer parts that reduce operational costs.

The innovative Venture Pristine solution takes cleanliness a step further with incorporating high-cleanliness finishes on all surfaces of the product; a variety of modern, hygienic materials and coatings which inhibit the growth of pathogens on all surfaces. High touch areas incorporate materials that are both a poor environment for pathogens and nearly chemical-proof, allowing for the use of strong and effective cleaning supplies. Low touch areas, which tend to be cleaned less regularly, incorporate paint impregnated with antimicrobial properties to reduce the surface lifespan of pathogens and maintain sanitary conditions between cleanings. With these clean selectable finish options, the Venture Pristine seat is the next generation of clean seat technology for commercial aircraft.

Pratt and Whitney and MTU Maintenance Committed to Success of PW1100G-JM

International Aero Engines and MTU Maintenance have signed an 11-year PW1100G-JM aftermarket agreement, committing themselves to further investment in the engine’s aftermarket network. The contract covers a large quantity of shop visits per year, in addition to the existing and substantial commitments to the program. This is a clear and strong signal to the industry that, despite the current unprecedented crisis it is facing, both companies still believe in the mid- and long-term success of the PW1100G-JM engine program – part of the GTF family and flying on the A320neo.

“As the industry continues to emerge from the pandemic, we continue to see the long runway of growth for the GTF engine program,” said Tom Pelland, president of IAE. “We want to ensure that we match that growth with a global presence and strong aftermarket capabilities that support GTF customers now, and in the future. This is why we, together with MTU, are committing and investing in the aftermarket network and we are excited about continuing to grow our collaboration.” Its GTF family of engines helps drive more efficient, sustainable air travel, enabling airlines to open new routes and fly more people farther, with less fuel – and much lower noise.

Michael Schreyögg, MTU’s Chief Program officer concurs: “The mid and long-term prospects of the aviation industry remain solid. We will believe in the recovery of the avia-tion industry, and as such are investing in its future today.” For its part, MTU Mainte-nance, third largest MRO provider worldwide, will be further investing in the program throughout its global network. This is in addition to the Geared Turbofan engine family specialized facility, EME Aero, a joint venture with Lufthansa Technik, that has been online since the end of 2019.

Luxembourg Company ESPACE 2001 Takes Over Joint Venture 3D.aero

The Luxembourg-based company ESPACE 2001 S.A., which specializes in industrial robotics and image processing, has acquired all the shares in the joint venture 3D.aero from the previous owners Lufthansa Technik AG and Pepperl+Fuchs SE with effect from 1 January 2021.

3D.aero was founded in 2017. Since then, the company has been researching, developing and marketing innovative automation and digitization solutions for the aviation industry. In addition to industrial maintenance and factory automation solutions, 3D.aero also offers optical measuring device applications, digital inspection and image processing applications and related consulting services.

ESPACE 2001, which offers services in the field of robotics and industrial automation, intends to further develop 3D.aero’s portfolio and to market the company’s existing products and expertise in sensor-based automation technology in various industries outside of aerospace.

“We are very pleased to continue the successful and close cooperation with 3D.aero that has grown over the years. As shareholders of 3D.aero, we will push ahead with a targeted further development in the field of sensor-based automation technology, and in particular in the field of high-resolution 3D sensor technology,” says Administrateur Délégué of ESPACE 2001, Dr. Werner Neddermeyer. “It is of particular importance to us that our highly specialized and motivated employees continue to lead the company to economic success with interesting and future-oriented technologies in the field of industrial 3D sensor technology and data processing. To this end, we will expand the strategic partnerships that exist to a large extent in the aviation industry and in other areas.”

Dietmar Focke, Vice President Engine Services at Lufthansa Technik, says this of the agreement: “The dramatic impact of the coronavirus crisis on the aviation industry has unfortunately not stopped at 3D.aero. To ensure the survival of the company, an orientation towards new markets is necessary. We are therefore extremely pleased that in ESPACE 2001 we have found a buyer that not only has a high level of expertise but also the necessary broad market positioning. I wish our employees the best of luck and success in their new working home, and thank them for the great work they have done over the past few years.”

Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO of Pepperl+Fuchs, adds: “We are convinced that the strategic reorientation of 3D.aero, which was made necessary by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, can be moved forward much faster under the umbrella of ESPACE 2001, and we are delighted to have found a future for 3D.aero and our employees in this way. We would like to thank them for their excellent work and wish all of them the best of luck and success. In future we would like to continue our cooperation in automation on a project-specific basis”.

The headquarters of 3D.aero with its 20 employees is the Hamburg Innovation Port (HIP).

Aviation Data Solutions Launches Software Solutions for Bizav Operators and Handling Agents

Aviation Data Solutions (ADS) led by founder and Managing Director Adrian Parsons, is launching its Airport Pricing Calculator (APC) and Handling Pricing Manager (HPM) platforms on 14 December.

Following nearly three years of development, both platforms are currently undergoing beta testing with a select group of bizav operators and handling agents in the UK and Europe before going live.

APC: the missing piece of the charter sales puzzle

ADS’ Airport Pricing Calculator is the first publicly available combined airport and handling cost calculation system, enabling operators to instantly calculate the cost of any aircraft in its fleet to visit any airport on any itinerary with any combination of services.

The concept for APC was born from Adrian’s personal experience working in charter sales at one of Europe’s largest business aviation operators.  During his time there he regularly experienced significant issues and inaccuracies resulting from a lack of accessible and structured airport and handling pricing data.

“I knew what a game-changer it would be for operators to quickly and easily incorporate actual airport and handling charges into charter quotes.” said Adrian, highlighting what was the catalyst for APC.   “I decided to combine my past experience in software development and my business aviation domain knowledge to take on this challenge, and we are very proud of how it all came together.”

Currently APC boasts pricing data coverage for more than 700 airports and over 350 handling agent stations, with more than 915 unique methods of charging for over 220 services at these locations.

In addition, ADS has built a comprehensive aircraft and engine dataset covering all business aviation types from single-engine turboprops up to the Embraer Lineage 1000.

Aircraft types are broken down into variants, which includes key data on weight, noise and emissions metrics.  “This is key to accurate cost calculation,” says Adrian, who also flies an Eclipse 500.

HPM: a free security, handling booking system and efficiency tool
In creating this new platform the biggest challenge ADS has faced is gaining the trust of handling agents. “It is imperative they feel comfortable disclosing their price lists to us, which is completely understandable due to the highly sensitive nature of this data” says Adrian.

ADS tackled this concern with the introduction of the HPM platform, a free tool primarily designed to enable handling agents to host and control access to their pricing data for use in the APC platform whilst employing multi-layered security measures to ensure the highest standard of GDPR-compliant data protection.

In addition to its primary function as a gatekeeper, HPM is designed to bring other benefits to users at no cost, such as increased efficiencies through reduced inquiries that require manual processing, increased brand awareness through the promotion of handling stations on the APC platform.

Importantly, it works in conjunction with and complements the handler agent’s existing operations software infrastructure as a booking system to pass confirmed handling bookings made through the APC platform, providing further efficiency gains.

The ADS team have been securing the participation of key handling agent brands prior to the launch of the service, with notable names including OMNI Handling, United Aviation, German Aviation Service and Swissport Executive Aviation.

“We are finding Aviation Data Solutions’ Handling Pricing Manager to be a simple and user-friendly platform that efficiently facilitates a handling request submission together with the pricing information for the client,” Ricardo Pereira, CEO, Omni Handling (Portugal) comments. “The principle is to seek a reduced workload and increased handling bookings, with new customers. OMNI Handling is proud to be on board in this project since its inception and we are cooperating closely with Managing Director Adrian Parsons and the ADS team.”

Colin Gordon, commercial director, Global Trek Aviation says: “We are very pleased to be on board with ADS and from what our team has seen so far, we have every faith in the platform to do its job.  While we are not a powerhouse FBO Group, The Global Trek Aviation group, runs two fantastic, independent, busy UK FBO’s at Belfast International Airport, (EGAA), (Northern Ireland FBO of the year 2019) and Cardiff International Airport, Wales (EGFF). Our high-quality service levels are the same, whether customers arrive in a Cessna 172 or a Gulfstream G650.  We have always adhered to a fully transparent operations model – no hidden fees, out of hour fees or call-out fees, which has lauded us with positive feedback from our customers.  Working with ADS, I’m convinced we’ll see more traffic bookings coming in with us, through the platform.”

“Our USP is to make it as simple as we can while collecting the required data,” adds Simon Jones, a former UAS and Signature Flight Support executive, who is leading Aviation Data Solutions’ business development.