Cockpit and Cabin Refurbishment for a H 125/AS 350 Airbus Helicopters 

In a recent project, SPAES performed a Minor Change in a H 125 / AS 350 Airbus Helicopters which included the installation of an iPad Mount, an USB-Charger and the refurbishment of the complete cabin interior. 

For design and certification, a Minor Change was carried out in coordination with the customer and the EASA Part 21J Design Organisation of SPAES. In the next step, the installation documentation was created. After completing the installation tests, the documentation was finalized and the installation’s Minor Change was issued. The installation was performed at the customer’s own Part 145 maintenance organization. 

The iPad mount is installed on the LH instrument panel in the helicopter and improves the crew’s situational awareness. What sets the iPad mount apart from other mounts is the integrated fan blower to reduce the possibility of overheating. On the iPad, NAV-Charts such as airport diagrams and instrument departures can all be displayed. 

With the installation of the new USB Charger, the pilots can quickly and reliably charge all the required devices during the operation of the helicopter by VFR day and night,” says Joachim Kies, Head of Operations at SPAES GmbH & Co. KG. 

The existing interior was removed, and the seats and covers were refurbished with the new parts.