Comtek Sets New Industry Standard for Aircraft Part Repairs

Comtek Advanced Structures implements new processes and improved customer management to further reduce aircraft part repair turn-around times to better serve their customers.

The industry standard for aircraft part repairs is 21 calendar days and often much longer yet Comtek has reduced their turn-around times to an average of 15 calendar days in the first quarter of 2012 while maintaining the highest quality repairs.

The new turn-around times are extremely important because it reduces the number of spare parts an airline has to inventory and the shorter turn-around time supports the Operators C-Check Schedule (aircraft maintenance). “If your plane is down for maintenance for 14 days, but it takes 20 days for the repair, you need to have a spare part on the shelf. If you are doing 5 aircraft at a time you need 5 spares. That builds up fast” says Charlene Ridley, repairs product line manager at Comtek.

Ultimately, Comtek says their new and improved turn-around times will save operators money by reducing the amount of time the aircraft needs to be grounded and the number of spare parts that need to be in inventory.