CoreAVI Extends Availability and Enhances Its GPU Compute Software Supportfor the AMD E9171 GPUs for the Aerospace & Defense Industry

CoreAVI announced that it has released enhancements to
its accelerated compute framework to further facilitate use of the AMD E9171 Radeon GPU capabilities and has extended the availability of the AMD E9171 Radeon GPU for the
aerospace and defense markets. CoreAVI continues to invest in the product portfolio and has
collaborated with AMD to ensure extended availability of this proven and popular discrete GPU
for the military and aerospace markets. With established flight worthiness and long-term
program supply, the E9171 power-efficient, compact GPU provides scalable compute and
graphics capabilities while meeting the SWaP (size, weight, power) constraints of high reliability
embedded systems.

The E9171 GPU paired with CoreAVI’s open standards-based Safe AI suite facilities safety critical
compute, AI and machine learning capabilities. CoreAVI’s VkCore SC Vulkan SC graphics and
compute product suite supports all MOSA requirements, is aligned with the latest FACE
specification and operates with commonly used real time operating systems.

CoreAVI offers an extended temperature-screened version of the AMD Radeon Embedded
E9171 GPU-based module along with DAL A certification evidence to support the needs of
safety critical avionics and other high reliability system manufacturers. The Radeon E9171
provides higher performance compared to the predecessor AMD Radeon E8860, with H.265
video encode/decode capabilities and 4 GB integrated memory (double that of the AMD
Radeon E8860) all in a lower power footprint, making it ideal for embedded applications.

“The AMD E9171 discrete GPU is used in the most advanced avionics systems globally and
continues to be a very popular option to be deployed by our customers that require high
reliability and safety certification. The E9171 GPU remains an integral part of our mil/aero
product portfolio. CoreAVI is pleased to extend our longevity of supply to further support our
customer’s critical programs,” said Dan Joncas, Deputy CEO at CoreAVI.