Custom Electronics Introduces Portable Power System for Military and Defense Industry

Custom Electronics Introduces Portable Power System for Military and Defense Industry

Mica paper capacitors and tailored high-voltage assemblies manufacturer, Custom Electronics, Inc. (CEI), has released a portable battery system, the CMP2500.

At the heart of the CMP2500 battery system are LiFePO4 lithium-iron phosphate cells. Each battery has a 2.5kWh capacity while the system provides up to 10 kWh capacity at 24 VDC or up to 5 kWh at 12 VDC. The batteries are housed in a rugged military-spec case that can be moved by one person, making it ideal for military and defense field and training applications including charging of drones, running simulations, targetry and silent watch. Users can set up in a field or training space without having to run a cable to a generator or back to the military installation. In addition, the quietness of the system when running is a main benefit for these types of applications.

“From start to finish, the CMP2500 battery solution is designed to provide power when and where you need it,” said Carol Brower, vice president of Operations, Custom Electronics, Inc. “Simplicity of design, ease of use and safety are top priorities we focused on when designing all system components. The design allows for continuous, uninterrupted power.”

One of the unique features of the CMP2500 solution that distinguishes itself from many of its competitors is its proprietary battery management system (BMS). With a focus on taking a modular integrated systems design approach to generate, store, distribute and utilize electric energy in order to power devices and equipment, the BMS delivers a safe, effective and cost-efficient energy storage solution. The BMS is custom designed to protect cells, equipment and the user. In addition, the system is fully scalable in voltage and capacity, and can replace or supplement generator operations by reducing operating time, fuel consumption and related noise.

The systems charger and inverter capabilities are sourced from high-quality manufacturers and included as system components. In addition, the inverters feature up to 4000W output and chargers up to 40 ADC.