Delta TechOps Engine Maintenance Team Reaches Milestone

The TechOps team hosted a first look at their new LEAP engine shop late last year. It marks the last chapter of adding next-generation repair capabilities for all three major engine platforms for the TechOps group. Pairing CFM LEAP services with their already established Rolls-Royce TRENT and Pratt & Whitney GTF capabilities sets them up for success as an industry-leading MRO provider, the company said in a release.
The TechOps team says it looks forward to an official grand opening and the induction of the first LEAP engine. The company has availability to service additional engine maintenance needs.

From specialized shops to access to used serviceable material through their partners at Delta Material Services, the group says it is ready to support operators of PW2000, PW4000, CF6, or CFM56 engine maintenance.