Diehl Aviation Expands Charleston-Based Services by Inaugurating Warehousing and Kitting for Boeing

After initiating its presence in Charleston, South Carolina in early 2018, Diehl Aviation has now expanded its range of services at the site. Diehl has started with warehousing and kitting for its cabin lighting products from Diehl Aerospace, supporting the delivery process of these shipsets from manufacturing sites in Germany to Boeing’s Interiors Responsibility Center (IRC) at the OEM’s site in Charleston. This new package in Charleston is complementing the same service that Diehl is offering out of its facility in the Seattle area to the Boeing IRC in Everett, Washington, since February 2011.

Diehl’s new service package includes warehousing in a dedicated stock location and kitting according to requirements as specified by Boeing, as well as just-in-time deliveries and on-site-support (OSS) at its site in close proximity to Boeing’s IRC and final assembly line facilities in Charleston, SC. The new service is complementing the Diehl OSS in Charleston, introduced in 2018, which is looking after just-in-time support for Diehl products at Boeing’s final assembly line on-site.

Diehl Aviation is supplying Boeing with cabin interiors lighting products for most commercial aircraft programs, as well as cabin lining packages and supporting sub-structures for the 787-10 Dreamliner.

The upgrade in the services range offered out of Charleston is enhancing Diehl’s global industrial footprint, particularly in North America: A Customer Support Center (CSC) in Sterrett (Alabama) is serving customers’ needs in the Americas since 1987, in addition to other CSCs in Toulouse (France) and Singapore for the rest of the world. A representation in Everett near Seattle, Washington is covering both a commercial liaison office and OSS services. Diehl’s OSS organization for the Americas also covers offices close to customers’ final assembly lines in Mobile, Alabama (USA), and Montreal (Canada).

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