Elevate Aviation Group Earmarks $10 Million Investment InGrowth Strategy

Elevate Aviation Group, the parent company of Private Jet Services and Keystone Aviation, has
approved an additional annual investment of nearly $10 million toward growth. Founder and CEO Greg Raiff said of the investment, “We believe there is space in the industry for an established
platform, one that is focused on servicing the client first. This investment affirms that commitment. It enables us to scale our business by expanding our infrastructure and adding experienced
industry professionals to grow our fully integrated aviation services
platform further.”

The investment comes during an opportune time when competitors are making headlines each week for significant shifts in business strategy and structure at the potential expense of customer service.
Adding to Raiff’s comments is Randy McKinney, Elevate Aviation group president, who shared, “Each of the Elevate Aviation Group business units is benefiting from our investment. Our client-first
focus provides a disciplined approach around systems and processes, all designed to support our talented team members with quality and speed when delivering the best client solutions in the

Elevate is looking to significantly staff up with talent in client-facing roles across its business units while continuing to expand the footprint as it looks to open offices and destinations for MRO services. “I have been fortunate to hold senior roles throughout my career with other organizations that executed growth initiatives,” said Jon Reed, who recently joined as chief sales officer. “This investment, in support of our strategic plan for scalable growth,enables us to expand our team across charter, management, and aircraft brokerage. By adding to these areas, we can continue to
service our existing and future clients’ aviation needs at the level they have come to expect from EAG.”

Based in New York City, Reed also mentioned the company’s plan to open an office in Manhattan
later this year. In recent months, the company has announced multiple vital appointments to its leadership team, which will continue to drive the growth plan for their respective business units. “Over the last several months, we have focused on building brand awareness and attracting talented professionals passionate about the industry they represent. The additional investment will support EAG’s Total Rewards program offerings to attract and retain top talent in our industry,” commented Jeannie Thorne, vice president of human resources.