Empire Screen Printing Offers High-Quality Embossing Services

Empire Screen Printing announced its broad range of high-quality embossing services. Embossing is a die process that creates a relief in printed materials to accent artwork or provides a functional purpose, such as keypads or braille. Empire combines embossing with other advanced printing techniques to create nameplates, overlays, dealer identification labels, and other durable products to make a great visual impression.

There are two different types of embossing methods, embossing and debossing. The material is placed between two die plates for embossing and then pressed together. This process creates a relief in the material by pushing the material up. Debossing uses a single die plate. The debossing die hits the material on the face of the decal, pushing the material down. Both methods create a 3-dimensional design in the material.

Embossing used for industrial applications adds emphasis to an overlay for functional purposes. Polyester or polycarbonate materials offer excellent dimensional stability and have high tensile strength for embossing. There are several embossing types, including pillow (pad), rail, multi-level, dome, LED domes, and braille. The embossing height is 1 ½ times the thickness of the material and can withstand upwards of 1.5 million actuations for polycarbonate, while polyester can withstand 5 million actuations.

Debossing is used to emphasize logos or used as a decorative quality for unique branding opportunities. Several textures or patterns, such as a mezzotint, create a crushed effect, enhancing the product’s overall look. Common materials for this application include bright silver or brushed silver mylar.

Many applications combine embossing with Empire’s Crystal-line doming to achieve greater dimension and emphasis on the overall appearance. Doming consists of a two-component polyurethane applied over a printed surface to create a lens-like appearance. The long-lasting, non-yellowing coatings add form and flair to nameplates, enhancing brand identity while protecting the surface from UV exposure, dents, scratches, and abrasions.

Empire works closely with customers to design solutions that look great and meet the special requirements of each application.