Eriez Reports Customers Regularly Achieve Savings of 60 Percent or More on the Purchase and Disposal Costs of Metalworking Fluids

Eriez Metalworking Product Manager Ron Wendt says company data shows customers regularly see 60 percent savings per year on the purchase and disposal costs of metalworking fluids, not including any savings associated with machine cleaning labor, increased machine production time or extended tooling life.

Wendt says, “Any facility with metalworking fluids, machine tool sumps, quench tanks and numerous other types of liquid tanks can benefit from Eriez fluid recycling equipment.” He continues, “This includes machine shops, pipe mills, punch press shops, cold headers, fastener manufacturers, aerospace, automotive and medical device manufacturers.”

Eriez offers a full range of fluid recycling solutions, including coolant recycling equipment, fluid concentration and control equipment, solids removal equipment and tramp oil removal equipment. The solutions and accompanying equipment to keep fluids clean are numerous and depend upon the complexity of machinery and the manufacturing process.

Along with exacting standards set forth by their customers, manufacturers need to determine how to best purify fluids that cycle constantly through precision machinery. Eriez metalworking experts work with customers to understand their unique application and needs to specify appropriate equipment to ensure optimum results.

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