Esterline Launches its Korry Utility Control System Touchscreen Display

KorryEsterline251Esterline Control & Communication Systems is launching its utility control system (UCS) touchscreen display technology, part of its Korry line of cockpit controls and displays and the first touchscreen control solution for overhead panels in civilian aviation. It replaces a number of separate display and switching components while increasing flexibility and reliability and can be adapted to

individual aircraft requirements.What is now the Korry UCS technology was originally developed by Esterline in a precursor application as a touchscreen display for the overhead panel of the Gulfstream G500 and G600 long-range business jets. Esterline is a contractor to Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation for the G500/G600 flight deck. “It’s an industry milestone for Esterline to develop touchscreen display technology specifically for overhead panels in civilian aviation,” said Kevin Moschetti, president of Esterline Control & Communication Systems. “After pioneering this application for the business jet market, we are now making the technology available in a format easily adapted to a wider range of aircraft.”

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