FEAM Aero’s Major Repair & Recovery Division Achieves Rapid Global Growth

Line maintenance provider FEAM Aero reports growth in its Major Repair & Recovery (MRR) Division. Established two years ago, this division has seamlessly integrated into FEAM Aero’s repertoire of services, leveraging the company’s renowned reputation for excellence in aircraft maintenance and repair. 

“Higher level technical requests from our clients and customer base were becoming increasingly frequent,” said Cam Murphy, president of FEAM Aero. “It was imperative for us to establish an effective solution to accommodate this type of complicated service.” 

To lead this division, FEAM Aero hired Michael Turpin as the VP of Major Repair & Recovery. With over 38 years of technical expertise, including a significant tenure at McDonnell Douglas, FEAM says Turpin’s leadership has been instrumental in the success of their MRR Team. “Our MMR team is the best in the industry with vast engineering knowledge and countless hours of structural and mechanical training. Our US and European basedMRR teams give us the ability to dispatch our experts and tooling anywhere in the worldon short notice,” said Mr. Turpin. 

Since completing their first major repair job in Madrid during the fourth quarter of 2021, FEAM Aero’s MRR Team has accomplished 20 major repair events, supporting customers across several cities and eight countries, growing from an initial five technicians to a team of 30+ Major Repair & Recovery experts. 

With a total investment of 1.7 million in cutting-edge equipment as well as narrow-body and wide-body aircraft mobile wing jacks, shoring, and related tools, FEAM Aero MRR can support any aircraft type worldwide. To date the FEAM Aero MMR Team has supported A330, A320, A321, A319, B757, B737, B747 family, B767 and B777 aircraft.

“The use of our CVG hangar space is transforming how we handle major repair events. Offering a controlled environment with top-notch tooling ensures efficiency and quality,” explained Turpin. “In a recent A320 tail strike incident in Dulles, our MRR team was dispatched, performed a temporary repair, and ferried the aircraft to our CVG hangar, completing the fix in under 30 days. This exemplifies our commitment to exceptional service in an optimized environment.”

Expansion of the MMR Team is currently underway with plans to establish a third mobile team. This growth will enable FEAM Aero to support more than three major repairs simultaneously across multiple countries utilizing their mobile hangar capabilities, the company said.