GA Telesis Engine Services Jet Engine Mechanic Traineeship Program in Finland

GA Telesis Engine Services (GATES) welcomed its seventh cohort into the Jet Engine Traineeship Program. The GA Telesis Engine Services Traineeship Program is a paid, six-month program that lets you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work on jet engines that are overhauled and maintained by GATES.

The Traineeship curriculum consists of two weeks of classroom training and twenty-two weeks of On-the-Job Training (OJT). There are two annual intakes (January and September) with six students per intake. During the program, trainees will have the opportunity to experience all the steps of the GATES production system. All training courses and OJT are provided by industry-experienced instructors who will share their expertise and best practices. After successfully completing the program, a trainee will be offered a permanent position as a GATES Jet Engine Mechanic.

“I am so proud of our Traineeship Program, developed by our strong leaders and institutionalized within GA Telesis Engine Services. I look forward to seeing our current and future Trainees develop and grow within the GA Telesis organization,” said Julie Seydlitz, vice president of people operations, GA Telesis HQ.

“Our program has provided a wealth of talented employees, which has enabled GATES to expand and grow. We are especially proud of the diversity of our cohorts,” said Russ Shelton, president of Engine Strategy Group.