GEnx Engine Family Surpasses 50 Million flight Hours

The GEnx engine family has surpassed the 50 million flight hour mark in less than 12 years, the fastest rate ever for a commercial widebody engine, the company says. 

The GEnx-1B, which powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner family, has accumulated nearly 32 million hours since entering service in 2012. The GEnx-2B has accumulated 18 million hours since entering service in 2011 on the Boeing 747-8. Combined, the GEnx engine family is currently in service with more than 70 operators around the world and is averaging a total of over 450,000 flight hours monthly. It achieved the 50 million flight hours mark faster than GE’s other widebody engine lines. 

“We are thrilled with the performance and staying power of the GEnx engine,” said Dave Kircher, general manager for the GEnx program at GE Aerospace. “We appreciate all of our valued customers for helping the GEnx engine hit this milestone and look forward to the next 50 million hours of distinguished performance with operators around the world.”

The GEnx engine family is the fastest-selling, high-thrust engine in GE history with nearly 3,000 engines in service and on backlog, including spares. 

Representing a significant advance forward in propulsion technology, GEnx uses lightweight durable materials and advanced design processes to reduce weight, improve performance, and lower maintenance. 

The GEnx has powered some of the furthest airline routes, including a record-breaking distance flight in 2020 between Papeete in French Polynesia and Paris, covering a distance of 9,765 miles (15,715 kilometres; 8,485 nmi).