Greene Tweed Highlights Xycomp DLF High-Performance Thermoplastic Composite Aerospace Brackets

Greene Tweed is highlighting the availability of Xycomp DLF high-performance thermoplastic composite aerospace brackets, which the company says can endure the substantial demands of aerospace environments while offering significant weight savings over metallic parts. Greene Tweed aerospace production components have been flying since 2011 and at 35 to 60 percent lighter than competitive metallic components, the brackets are an excellent replacement for metal materials.

Greene Tweed’s proprietary compression molding system provides high performance solutions with increased part complexity. The aerospace brackets, which are used to join structural elements together, provide support, and hold essential components firmly in place, can now be produced in complex-contour shapes for near-net, intricate geometry with molded-in features such as bushings or attachment points.

The material meets fire, smoke, and toxicity (FST) safety requirements for interior aerospace parts, and offers excellent resistance to aerospace solvents, high temperatures, and high vibrations for extended component life. In addition, Xycomp DLF brackets can be recycled upon removal from an aircraft.