Guardian Jet Welcomes Roy Gioconda as Director of Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance professional Roy Gioconda was recently named director of maintenance for Guardian Jet, the Connecticut-based business aviation consulting and brokerage firm.

Gioconda will play a critical technical role for Guardian Jet, in which he will oversee the myriad technical aspects of aircraft transactions for the firm’s clients. He will also help support Guardian Jet’s sales, acquisition and consulting team by providing technical advice, aviation research and key insights.

“As our DOM, Roy will touch all of the things that pilots care about — from the airframe to avionics — as well the things in back that passengers care about — wi-fi connectivity and entertainment systems,” said Mike Dwyer, managing partner, Guardian Jet.

Gioconda brings to Guardian Jet more than 35 years of aviation industry experience in all aspects of aircraft maintenance—from Part 121 (commercial aviation) and Part 135 (charter), to Part 91 (general aviation) and Part 145 (maintenance repair) environments. He is a recognized authority in aircraft maintenance, inspection, quality assurance and quality control.

“We’re creating this new position because we understand that our sophisticated clients are best served, and our aircraft transactions best managed, when we deploy technical ‘boots on the ground’—be it in Singapore, Savannah or other parts of the globe,” said Don Dwyer, also managing partner.

Gioconda says a director of maintenance on staff at an aircraft brokerage firm may seem unusual, since they are typically associated with flight departments, air carriers and repair stations, but he believes it will be beneficial to the clients of Guardian Jet.

“Having a DOM in-house at Guardian Jet ensures that our clients receive technical assistance with their transactions,” Gioconda said. “This provides additional value to our clients and ensures that Guardian Jet continues to be a leader in the industry.”


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