Honeywell grants HTF7000 Line Maintenance Authorization to National Flight Services

Honeywell is pleased to announce that National Flight Services, Inc.(NFS) has been granted HTF7000 engine Line Maintenance Authorization. As a longtime member of the Honeywell family in the TPE331 turboprop world, National Flight Services is expanding its capabilities into the turbofan business, specifically the HTF7000 series of engines.

The HTF7000 family is all about availability, reliability and performance. Maintenance is quick and easy. Key line-replaceable units can be changed in 20 minutes or less with minimal tools common to every toolbox. The remarkable design of the engine has simplified access to the motor and significantly decreased maintenance time.

With this HTF7000 Line Maintenance Authorization, Honeywell allows NFS to perform maintenance external to the engine and other services that don’t require disassembly of the motor. They can remove and reinstall engines and LRU items such as fuel controls, oil pumps, accessories and components. As an MRO/FBO, they will be allowed to handle flight line and transient services such as minor inspections, oil and filter changes.

“This is the first step into the turbofan business and if it goes the way our Honeywell turboprop business went, I´m sure we will soon become a major player in the HTF7000 arena,” says Michael Converse, Sales and Marketing Director of NFS.

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