IKHANA Issued FAA STC for Twin Otter Re-Lifed Flight Controls

IKHANA Aircraft Services has received FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) for their RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Flight Controls. This is the latest addition to an expanding catalog of value-adding Twin Otter modifications. All eleven (11) DHC-6 Flight Controls are re-manufactured, providing NEW 66,000 hours/132,000 cycles of fatigue life with applicability to all DHC-6-100/-200/-300 Series Twin Otter airplanes. “Many operators don’t realize that the flight controls are life limited assemblies that require tracking and expire upon reaching 66,000 hours or 132,000 cycles of use,” says John Zublin, president/CEO of IKHANA. “The RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Flight Control STC is an ideal fit with our other proprietary STCs for the RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Wing Box and DHC-6 Re-Life Fuselage.”

IKHANAx250The original -100, -200, and -300 Series Twin Otters, produced from 1965 to 1988, have a structural fatigue life limit of 66,000 hours/132,000 cycles for the fuselage and flight controls. IKHANA’s RWMI Re-Life Flight Controls are the FAA PMA equivalent of FACTORY-NEW equipment and complements the RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Fuselage STC (awarded in November of 2011) and the RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Wing Box STC (awarded in 1996). With the RWMI DHC-6 Re-Life Flight Controls, IKHANA has the ability to provide a re-life for all of the Twin Otter’s major structural assemblies.

IKHANA (and its predecessor, R.W. Martin, Inc.) has manufactured more than 100 re-lifed Wing Boxes and expects strong demand for the latest STC products. Re-lifed aircraft are customized by IKHANA for operations supporting executive transport, regional/commuter airlines, and special missions. Available options include increased gross weight capability, enhanced air conditioning, glass cockpit avionics, VIP amenities, cargo handling, camera hatches, and integration of surveillance/patrol systems.

For further information, contact Naras “Bo” Alksninis, Director of Marketing Tel:951-600-0009 x218; Mobile:818.554.5906; Email:BAlksninis@IKHANAgroup.com

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