Introducing AviationValues, Formerly VV Aviation

VV Aviation has been spun out of VesselsValue to form the newly independent company AviationValues Ltd. This was in synchronization with the acquisition of VesselsValue by Veson Nautical.

This spin out sees over 50 VesselsValue staff move over to AviationValues. This includes Directors Adrian Economakis, Ben Durber and Richard Rivlin, ISTAT appraisers Gary Crichlow and Kane Ray, senior developers, engineers, data scientists, analysts, researchers and commercial staff. AviationValues HQ is based in West London with Research offices in the Isle of Wight and Manila and Development teams in Stoke on Trent.

AviationValues will continue to invest heavily in the development of new solutions and increasing aircraft type coverage to regionals, freighters, business jets and general aviation assets. AviationValues will provide the same products and services to their clients now through

AviationValues utilizes advanced algorithms, technologies and data capture processes that have been adapted from the maritime markets to the unique dynamics of the aviation industry.

“At AviationValues, our aircraft values and forecasts are updated every day by our proprietary algorithms, technologies and data discovery processes. This ensures our clients can instantly access up to date, objective and accurate current or future aircraft values. Whenever they need them as soon as they need them. We also provide a wealth of supporting data. This includes transactions, historical and future value probabilities, fleet data, daily frequency time series and ADS-B derived aircraft activity. This helps support sophisticated aviation market players with their analysis, modeling, reporting and negotiating needs,” Adrian Economakis, commercial director commented.

“The highly experienced team that we brought over from VesselsValue / VV Aviation includes experts in the aviation markets, technology, engineering, algorithm development, analysis and data capture,” said Ben Durber, technology and operations director. “Our team, combined with our advanced technologies, easy to use interfaces and deep datasets, will be of great benefit to forward thinking aviation market players. Including lenders, investors, owners, operators, insurers and traders in the aviation markets.”