Jamco America Enhances Aircraft Efficiency with Integrated Stowage Solutions

Jamco America is highlighting its revolutionary integrated approach to airline stowage systems, aimed at optimizing aircraft functionality and operational efficiency. Recognizing the critical impact of stowage systems on passenger experience and overall airline performance, Jamco America’s stowage solutions emphasize a cohesive and integrated strategy. Traditional approaches to stowage selection, focusing on individual solutions for specific needs, often result in inefficient systems with wasted space and increased costs. Jamco America’s integrated approach addresses the entire aircraft’s stowage requirements, ensuring coherence and synergy across components.

The streamlined and efficient utilization of cabin space is a primary advantage of Jamco America’s integrated approach. By considering the complete stowage needs of an airplane, from passenger cabins to the cockpit and galley, aircraft layout is optimized for maximum storage capacity. These considerations not only enhance passenger satisfaction but increase overall operational efficiency. Aircraft weight reduction, crucial for fuel efficiency and meeting net-zero sustainability goals, is another key benefit of Jamco solutions.

Jamco’s innovative stowage components include front-row monuments for business class seating, underbin closets in the main cabin, video control centers, doghouses, and slider panels for more efficient use of available space.

Jamco America’s collaborative design process sets it apart from other solutions. Jamco engages with airline clients from the conceptual stage to integration, delivering bespoke stowage solutions aligned with operational needs and unique brand visions. This partnership-driven approach ensures that each product is a true reflection of the airline’s identity.

With over twenty major airlines turning to Jamco America for turnkey aircraft interior integration programs, the company reliably delivers complete solutions at its Everett, WA facility. This includes fully staffed engineering, technical publications, manufacturing teams, testing capabilities, and an on-site FAA ODA certification department.