Jamco America Offers Class Dividers

Jamco America, one of the most experienced aircraft interior products suppliers and turnkey integrators in the aerospace industry, highlights its full suite of certified class dividers. With the rise in demand of classes such as premium economy, airlines looking to divide aircraft classes while saving precious space will find a convenient solution in Jamco’s dividers and services.

Jamco America says their class dividers are highly integrable, with a variety of models for customers to fit their needs. These include standard dividers, joggle dividers, attendant partitions provisioned for attendant panels and attendant seat, and unique solutions such as the Jamco America hanging soft divider.

The features of each of these class dividers provide benefits to both the airline and its passengers. Joggled options allow for more foot space, while hanging dividers are ideal for airlines who do not want to put in a full height divider in order to save space. In certain cases, hanging dividers can save enough space to add in an extra row of seats. Hanging dividers also provide an opening at the bottom for under space storage, such that passengers sitting behind the class divider do not have to put all their belongings into overhead storage. All of these dividers have been designed to be lightweight with sustainability in mind that provides both fuel savings and allows airlines to retain the majority of their stowage bin capacity. In addition, these products can be installed during regular maintenance checks of the aircraft to avoid additional downtime for the airline.

Jamco America says one of their key differentiators is the fact that it offers one stop shopping for class dividers, including full production, testing, and integration of the dividers for the airline. In addition, Jamco America also offers branding solutions such as colors and logos, as well as the option to put viewing windows into its dividers for flight attendants. The combination of turnkey design, manufacturing and certification services with the highest quality industry leading products that can be delivered with a very competitive lead time provides a powerful vehicle for airlines to successfully retrofit their aircraft to meet their specific business model. From wide-body aircraft, single to three class cabin reconfigurations to narrow body domestic first class and economy retrofits, Jamco America can support any airline’s interior needs.