JPB Système Acquires Stake in French 3D Printing Manufacturer, Addimetal

JPB Système has announced that it has acquired a stake in France-based 3D printer manufacturer start-up, Addimetal, in a move that will offer the companies complete and secure sharing of their respective industrial-grade metal binder jetting (MBJ) 3D printing technology knowledge for the short-run production of small, complex, lightweight and repeatable parts.

For both JPB Système and Addimetal, this means strategic collaboration in the development of the latter’s innovative open hardware platform, technology and associated process to ensure both existing and future application needs are met. In addition to financial support, Addimetal will benefit from JPB’s detailed and growing insight into the specific and appropriate application areas in which MBJ is most suited, as well as their respective requirements.

“Our interest in MBJ spans several years and it remains state-of-the art 3D printing technology that is still only provided by only a small handful of players,” said Damien Marc, CEO, JPB Système.

“Acquiring a stake in Addimetal underscores our commitment to support the development of open 3D printing platforms that ensure a wider and more unconstrained solutions offering when it comes to the manufacture of small, complex, yet lightweight parts in small volumes,” he added.

Trials Show Significant Lead Time Reduction

JPB Système’s move to own part of Addimetal, aligns with the company’s ongoing research into the benefits and possibilities of MBJ 3D printing technology. The results of trials with MBJ to potentially produce flight-ready parts, are meeting expectations by delivering robust lighter-weight alternatives quicker and easier than traditional manufacturing methods such as machining and casting. In some trials, this has already seen JPB cut overall lead times by 80% on certain parts, and crucially, secures weight-savings of 30% – a fundamental objective for aerospace customers.

“There is currently no other French company developing this particular 3D printing technology, so for us as a leading France-based global business, to partner with an equally pioneering homegrown player with significant growth potential on an international level, is hugely significant,” concluded Marc.

JPB Système expects to have its first MBJ-produced parts in production by 2026.