Keeping Aviation Informed -The Official Avia Intelligence Website and Monthly Newsletter Take-Off!

Avia Intelligence announced both the launch of their inaugural monthly newsletter, the Avia Informer as well the full Avia Intelligence website –

The Avia Informer, a monthly newsletter written and produced by the Avia Intelligence team has been launched with the express aim of keeping the aviation industry informed – and combines topical safety and airworthiness features, as well as news and comment on the pertinent issues facing the commercial aviation sector today. Building on long standing industry relations, the Avia Informer also features a regular columns as well as company news, leading industry interviews as well as upcoming courses.

The directors are also proud to announce the launch of the full Avia Intelligence website which includes a comprehensive service listing, course schedules as well as free-to-access articles and archived newsletters.

For more information please contact:
Nicholas Cobb, director Commercial & Operations
+44(0)7712 929443

+44(0)208 746 2209

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