Kemp Joins Rigid Lifelines

Rigid Lifelines, an international provider of rigid overhead fall arrest and fall restraint systems and accessories, has hired  John Kemp as national product and sales manager.

“I am pleased to welcome John to Rigid Lifelines as national product and sales manager,” said Steve Uhlig, vice president. “His record of success in marketing fall protection and safety solutions to both government and private industry is why we selected him to direct Rigid Lifelines through its next phase of growth.”

A graduate from The Pennsylvania State University, Kemp brings with him 17 years of fall protection experience. During this time he conducted numerous fall hazard survey reports for Fortune 500 Companies and trained more than 10,000 at risk workers on fall protection, bringing an added level of expertise to the division.

“Too many companies try to address fall hazards by investing their capital in equipment that only addresses a small part of their hazard,” said Kemp. “We want to educate employers about custom solutions that address 100% of a workers exposure while providing them with mobility to complete the job task.  We want the Rigid Lifelines brand to be about what is ‘best practice’.”


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