KLM Group Airlines Selects GE Aerospace’s Fuel Insight to Reduce Emissions, Lower Costs and Improve Fuel Efficiency

GE Aerospace, Software as a Service, has announced that KLM Group Airlines, that include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, KLM Cityhopper and Martinair, has signed up for its Fuel Insight software to help increase fuel efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and centralize around one set of tools at the group level. 

KLM previously tested GE Aerospace’s Flight Analytics platform’s EMS (Event Measurement System) while participating in SkyTeam’s Sustainable Flight Challenge. The group has now decided to choose this platform and our Fuel Insight solution as its main fuel efficiency system for aircraft operations.

GE Aerospace says Fuel Insight integrates the aircraft’s original flight data with the airline’s operational data. Using a suite of analytics and reporting tools, it provides operators with trends and actionable insights that help them take fuel efficiency to the next level. It was very important for the KLM airlines group to be able to see their data, customize their analytics and share best practices by using a centralized set of tools.

Fuel Insight enables teams to gain intuitive insights into fuel consumption and emissions, enabling them to prioritize initiatives with the highest potential for savings and monitor adoption rates across their fleet.

Using the software, operators can revolutionize their approach to fuel management, achieving substantial cost reductions while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint. 

By offering a single source of truth for fuel data, KLM will be equipped to identify fuel optimization opportunities that previously went unnoticed. 

“We’re proud that the KLM Group has chosen our Fuel Insight solution to support their fuel efficiency efforts,” said Andrew Coleman, general manager, GE Aerospace, Software as a Service. “Our Fuel Insight platform seamlessly integrates flight data, which will empower KLM to prioritize its sustainability initiatives, lower costs, and provide deeper insights into lowering CO2 emissions.”

Eimerd Bult, EVP of KLM Flight Operations, said: “At KLM, we’re committed to advancing our fuel efficiency efforts, and GE Aerospace’s Fuel Insight software aligns perfectly with our goals. It’s a solution that will help us gain valuable insights into fuel consumption, leading to smarter fuel management and lower costs.”