MAC Aerospace Celebrates 22 Years

MAC Aerospace Corporation of Chantilly, Virginia, USA celebrated their 22nd anniversary on April 13th, 2012, recognizing and honoring the efforts of the MAC family with a cook-out at the company headquarters.
“I have enjoyed the many ups and downs throughout the last 22 years, and it has always been an honor and privilege to work with such great staff and customers around the world that make up the MAC family,” says Jay Rodriguez, owner and president of MAC Aerospace. The longevity of the MAC Aerospace employees, averaging 11 years, together with over a century of aviation & defense management experience, is a testament to the professional and enjoyable work environment that Rodriguez has established.

MAC Aerospace, a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of parts and components for military aircraft, radar and weapon systems, feels their future is bright as they continue to partner with manufacturers to broaden their distributor network and add more capabilities to better support their US and international customers. Recently, MAC Aerospace has added air traffic control support to their capabilities. In addition, MAC Aerospace continues to provide a wide range of services: engineering, repair and overhaul management, purchasing, kitting, consignment and warehousing.

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