Malabar Introduces New B787 Service Equipment

Malabar International announced yesterday that it has developed, produced and delivered B787 Coolant Service Carts (CSC) and accompanying B787 Coolant Top-Off Packs (CTOP). Malabar’s CSC and CTOP are used for servicing the B787 Environmental Control Systems. Equipped with an integral programmable logic controller, the CSC performs rapid aircraft coolant drain, fill, clean and de-aerate operations on the coolant systems in the 787 aircraft. The CTOP is a portable, convenient unit for line maintenance fill and drain service. Both the CSC and CTOP are designed in accordance with B787 System and Equipment Engineering specifications to meet the special servicing requirements of the Boeing Aircraft Environmental Control Systems (PECS, ICS, FCAC). The CSC operates in semi-automatic and manual control modes and is fully enclosed with easy access doors and control panel cover with gas spring struts. Its undercarriage features four-wheel running gear with foam-filled tires, suspension, parking brakes, tie down rings, tow bar and forklift provisions. “Our engineering and manufacturing staffs met the arduous challenge to design and develop the CSC and CTOP units to meet Boeing’s specifications,” said Lorin Card, Malabar vice president. For more information on Malabar, visit

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