MSB (Sogeclair) Selected by Heart Aerospace to Develop its Latest Electrically Powered Aircraft

MSB, a Sogeclair company, has signed an agreement with Heart Aerospace, manufacturers of the electrically powered, ES-30 regional aircraft to design and develop some 60 key structural components for the cabin, flight deck and cargo sections. 

The scope of work includes full provision of floor coverings, headliners, acoustic and thermal insulation, emergency equipment throughout the fuselage and cabin seat integration. Individual components to be provided for the individual aircraft zones include flight deck console trim panels, side ledge and stowage systems; cabin sidewall, window shades and passenger service unit; and cargo area linings, tie-downs, and nets. Completion of the first phase of the project is anticipated in the final quarter of 2023. 

Heart Aerospace selected MSB (Sogeclair) based on its extensive experience in providing interiors development support for new aerospace programs, and the company’s deep knowledge of the importance of balancing weight, materials and functionality, with style, passenger experience and operational budgets. Intended to support regional operations the focus on sustainability and low operating costs will be reinforced by the work of MSB in designing lightweight components and reducing non-recurring costs.

The MSB design aims to express the OEM’s brand value through the clean, simple lines and finishes that create a sophisticated cabin emulating quality, spaciousness, and minimalist styling. Passengers will enjoy flight on an environmentally responsible aircraft, in a contemporary environment, that is robust and secure. 

Othmane Smires, MSB general manager, says: “With sustainability at the forefront of the aerospace industry we are delighted to play our part by supporting this ground-breaking, sustainable aircraft development program. The passion, vision and commitment of Heart Aerospace to electrifying short-haul flight is huge motivation for us. It is our aim to provide interiors that will contribute to reducing the environmental impact by delivering solutions that lower CO2 emissions. Our component design and development for Heart Aerospace will do this, as well as complement the streamlined operational capabilities of the aircraft to ensure that we deliver a passenger, crew and operational experience that meets and exceeds expectations.”

“MSB has been great to work with since day one,” said Anders Forslund, CEO of Heart Aerospace, “They are fast and nimble, and we speak the same language in terms of design and product development. While they are fast-moving, they also bring a tremendous attention to detail and knowledge about requirements and the certification process for interiors. We couldn’t be more excited going forward together.”