Mxi Technologies Introduces Electronic Logbook API in Latest Version of Maintenix Software

Mxi Technologies, the leader in aviation maintenance management software, announced the commercial availability of Maintenix Version 7.2 (v7.2). This latest commercial offering introduces the Electronic Logbook API, which extends the reach of Maintenix maintenance execution capab Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back ilities right out to the onboard aircraft logbooks that are currently emerging in the marketplace. The API that Mxi has developed is in line with the Air Transport Association (ATA) DSE specification and can support any 3rd party electronic logbook product that conforms to this open standard. Further, Mxi has worked extensively to create the industry’s first logbook/MRO pairing to actually implement the ATA DSE standard together with Boeing and their electronic logbook product line.

In addition to the Electronic Logbook API, Maintenix v7.2 provides key functional enhancements and updates to the entire technology stack to further support the sophisticated maintenance business requirements of airlines, defense organizations, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). The industry leading technology stack that now underpins Maintenix v7.2 allows customers to effectively leverage the latest offerings that drive today’s most modern, web-based enterprise applications which is keeping Mxi at the forefront of scalability, performance, and availability.

“With each product release, Mxi looks to enhance the customer experience both with our product and within the context of the overall aviation maintenance function. This latest version of Maintenix is no exception,” says Dave Seibel, Chairman and CEO, Mxi Technologies. “We believe that our commitment to innovation in our product and solution offering, and our dedication to the market and our customers will serve to position the Maintenix software as a key enabling technology in the ongoing evolution of the MRO function.”


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