Mechanical Product Configuration Solutions Need Fast 3D CAD Visualization Power

Kisters_150KISTERS has announced 3DViewStation WebViewer as a powerful 3D CAD visualization tool for Web-based mechanical product configuration solutions.

Product configurators need to be able to load variants and configurations of complex products dynamically and fast. Predefined subassemblies need to be loaded, positioned and scaled using transformation matrices, in just seconds. Intelligent algorithms need to be applied to have all parts find the correct location automatically. 10,000s of subassemblies might result in millions of combinations and working with CAD constraints is no option. The fact that complexity of CAD data is growing more and more requires a smart concept to achieve visualization in real time. Also the support of mobile devices with limited bandwidth is a challenge.

To serve all these scenarios KISTERS has developed 3DViewStation WebViewer. There is no client installation required at all. It is very fast even with assemblies of 100,000 parts and is designed for integration. If required, it can be easily customized to be integrated in the UI of the leading application. The XML-API allows dynamic un-/loading of parts and assemblies, geometries might be re-colored, sections can be performed, measurements might be taken. 3DViewStation WebViewer’s XML-API also allows to create dimensions automatically. KISTERS 3DViewStation WebViewer client just requires a HTML5 browser, does NOT require WebGL and runs on all operating systems incl. Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, MAC-OS.

The KISTERS 3DViewStation is developed by very closely following customer requirements; it is available as Desktop, ActiveX and HTML5 WebViewer product-versions. All product flavors are intended to be used together with a PLM-, ERP- or other management system like product configuration or service & spare part applications, providing all necessary APIs. For cloud, portal and web-solutions there is a HTML5-based WebViewer solution available, which does not require any client installation at all. All file formats can be used in combination with the intelligent navigation- and hyperlinking features to address needs of complex integration scenarios.

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