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How business jet manufactures are keeping repair and parts services in-house whilst a competitive after-market industry challenges for market share.

When the “check engine” light illuminates on your dashboard while commuting to work, the first thought that many car owners have is, “Should I bring the car to the dealer across town or to the local garage across the street?”

Business jet maintenance issues often leave their owners with a similar debate. Knowing this, the original equipment manufactures (OEMs) are striving to ensure that when their customers need aircraft parts, service and/or extensive remanufacturing, the customer turns to the company that built the aircraft. How are they doing this?

Warranty and Fixed Cost Programs
According to Gary Martin, vice president, Sales, Marketing & Service Programs, Customer Services at Bombardier, their goal is to support customers “wherever in the world” they are flying. Bombardier has had its flagship Smart Parts program in place for more than 25 years. Along with a new Smart Service program, the company helps make operational costs more predictable and allow customers to better plan for the cost of aircraft ownership.
Cessna’s ProAdvantage provides a similar service. The program can be extended to cover parts, labor costs, powerplant, auxiliary power unit, avionics maintenance and other systems.
Beechcraft offers its SupportPLUS; another expandable program. They also offer a complete inspection of used aircraft to provide a virtual certified pre-owned buying experience along with the option of enrolling in warranty programs.
Gulfstream’s PlaneParts program, started in 2010, offers options to cover avionics, mechanical airframe components, undercarriage parts, windshields and more.
Embraer’s cost-per-flight hour warranty program functions through their Embraer Pool of Parts, Parts Exchange Program, Customer Inventory Program, and Tool-on-Time Program.

All of the OEMs featured allow the transfer of a maintenance plan to a new owner. If the aircraft was not previously enrolled, second-hand owners may subscribe to one of the fixed-price plans.

Service Network
OEMs are working to ensure that their customers are getting original equipment parts and service from a wide network of repair centers by expanding their logistics presence with a combination of company-owned and independent factory-authorized repair centers.

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