Pattonair Extends MRO Kitting Service to Warehouse in a Box

Pattonair has addressed the changing requirements of how its customers manage engine MRO with the launch of a new MRO Services portfolio. Speaking to AVM at the Airline Procurement and Maintenance expo (ap&m) in London (31 May – 1 June), Pattonair’s MRO Services director, Jim Smith, said the increased results of predictive analysis meant that engine repair could be addressed more efficiently by better product availability and distribution.

The Derby-based global supply chain provider includes in its new portfolio elements such as Zero Waste and Zero-Lead-Time solutions via Smart Kitting, Automated Inventory and the ‘Warehouse in a Box’ for on-wing maintenance and at times where having an previously identified set of parts would save time in the MRO process.   But the concept would also be applicable to support remote site locations or off-wing for critical path operations such as engine test cells, customer delivery centres; the aim being to locate the parts at the point of consumption.

Smith said that the  Warehouse in a Box is a project the company had been working on for the last six months and that the first customer would be from Europe, although the kit would be used by that customer globally. It would be ready to deploy by the end of August he added.

“We are seeing an increased focus from OEM’s and MRO’s, operators and lessors, on retaining product on-wing for longer periods and reducing the total cost of overhaul; at the same time there is an increasing reliance on the use of big data and engine health monitoring to optimise on-wing longevity and shop visit planning profiles”, explained  Smith.

Smith said that customers can use the ‘Warehouse in a Box’ product on a pay-as-you-go basis although it would probably be better value as part of a larger package, depending on the size and requirements of the customer’s organisation.

Pattonair’s focus has been on supplying C class parts to major OEMs and MROs and its investment in intelligent inventory management and intelligent forecasting via its Akrivis system. However the company also addresses the maintenance needs of marine clients and industrial gas turbine power plants.





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